Office Maintenance Programs

There’s clean, there’s cleaner, and then there’s cleanest, which can only be provided by Renewal Property Service’s Clean Team, the most reliable, best-trained, and best-equipped cleaning team in the industry! Why have your facilities cleaned only once a year when you can have Renewal Property Service keep things clean and healthy on a regular basis? Your facilities will look better than ever once Renewal Property Service is on the job!

We customize our care plan to meet the specific needs of your facilities or business. Even if your business doesn’t provide constant services, regular cleanings will help ensure that your facilities look their best when you need them to.

High traffic and major access areas are given extra attention, reducing the amount of dirt that makes it into other parts of the building. This reduces overall maintenance costs.

We schedule around the operation of your business, so your important work is never interrupted! Call Renewal Property Service today to take the first step towards your cleaner and healthier work environment!

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