Pet Stains and Odors

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Pet Accidents and Odors in Carpet

Has your pet left behind an unpleasant splotch or stench on your home’s carpet? Renewal Property Service’s carpet cleaning experts have the ability remove most pet spots and smells found in carpets. We utilize a truck-mounted hot water extraction system, designed to help return your carpet’s cleanliness and freshness. When we are finished cleaning, you will be completely satisfied, guaranteed! What is our carpet cleaning secret? Here’s a tip! Our hot water extraction system flushes suspended and embedded particles and residue from your carpets, leaving your carpet cush, clean, and odor-free.

Have Your Carpet’s Pet Stains Professionally Treated

Pet urine stains and odors are some of the worst stains imaginable. If the pet residue soaks deep into your carpet fibers, or even the carpet padding, the odor may become permanent–the smell may return on humid days or as air fresheners fade. Pet _stains_, permanent by definition, can discolor your carpet by altering or damaging the dyes in its fibers. Renewal Property Service can help minimize or remove these costly, unpleasant problems when pad replacement isn’t needed or isn’t an option. To professionally reduce or remove indoor pet accidents, contact Renewal Property Service for odor relief and peace of mind–rest knowing that we will come out and clean the carpet from top to bottom, and even come out again if the first attempt wasn’t enough. We pre-treat spots as part of our service, and use a hot water extraction system to effectively remove urine from carpet fibers to eliminate the odor and spotting for good!

Professional Carpet Protection and Deodorizing

Renewal Property Service offers 3M Scotchgard™ Carpet Protection and DuPont Teflon™ Protection to help prevent permanent carpet staining from future pet-related accidents and incidents. These carpet protection applications facilitate the beading of liquids, giving you more time to blot up spills and mess. We also offer a variety of carpet deodorizers, including a pet-specific deodorizer specifically designed to contain pet odors.

How to Treat Immediate Pet Accidents

  • Blot up the stain immediately with a damp cloth.
  • Remove as much of the substance as possible without rubbing the carpet.
  • Don’t apply anything other than water, using anything else may cause further damage to your carpet and make it harder for us to restore the area.
  • Contact Renewal Property Service’s professional carpet cleaners to help restore your investment!

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